Counselling and Therapy in Buckinghamshire

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

There are lots of reasons why you might be interested in coming for therapy. Perhaps you are struggling with depression, anxiety, loss, low self-esteem, painful or confusing feelings, a difficult life situation, a problematic relationship, or events from the past. Perhaps you are curious to understand more about yourself, or you would like some help negotiating changes in your life. Perhaps more than one of these things is true for you at the moment. 

Whatever your reason, if you are interested in talking to someone who can help you to think about your situation, gain a sense of understanding and navigate a way through, then I can help. I am an experienced psychodynamic therapist. I work with adults on an individual basis, helping them to explore their difficulties and find a way forward.

Psychodynamic counselling, or psychotherapy, is a conversation between the two of us which helps you to explore yourself at a deeper level, enabling you to make sense of your feelings and feel freer to live your life.


Counselling and Therapy in Buckinghamshire

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